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The Estate

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The Estate.
The groves on the hills


The olive trees of the Kotsonis Estate have their own story to tell, since the youngest are 70 to 100 years old and the oldest ones are of some centuries old. The Estate mainly produces Manaki, a variety characterised by its fruity but not bitter taste, and stands out for its creamy texture and its smooth after-taste! Another variety, Koroneiki-famous for its fresh, fruity, olive after-taste and its solid texture which emits the aroma of green olive leaves-is also produced in a smaller scale, mainly by cooperating cultivators. Both varieties are internationally accredited for their exquisite quality and superb taste.

The Kotsonis Estate employs the most contemporary methods of olive oil production and standardization. The groves, dedicated to producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil, follow a low density cultivation method. The process of cold extraction is employed in the olive oil-press, in order to preserve the vitamins contained and ensure the best product quality. The olive orchards that exclusively produce Organic -Extra Virgin Olive Oil, are of a Single Estate, a method that ensures 100% control over the production process and Monovarietal, which ensures the stability of quality and taste. Monovarietal olive oil fully attributes the flavour and aroma of the producing tree, as well as the characteristics of local soil and climate.

The Region

  The Kotsonis Estate lies at the borders of the Prefecture of Argolida with the Prefecture of Arcadia in Peloponnese. It extends to an area of approximately 100 hectares, while the production capacity is further supported with the cooperation of
local smaller producers.
The clay earth in these areas is considered as the most appropriate for the cultivation of olive trees. The underground waters of the Estate together with the 500m altitude of the surrounding hills create an environment friendly to the olive tree!

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