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Tour & Tasting

Visit an authentic olive oil estate


Visit an Authentic Olive Oil Estate near Nafplio, Peloponnese and discover the secrets of the green ‘’gold’’ of Greece; how it is produced, how it is classified, how it is tasted and how it is used. Experience a unique olive oil tasting, where you'll learn to recognize the different characteristics of each olive oil and get cooking tips. Learn about the olive oil health benefits. The activity lasts around 2 hours and it is for couples, families, companies, students, small or big groups of people who search for a superior agrotourism experience. It is for people with none, small or adequate knowledge about olive oil who want to become olive oil connoisseurs for a day. It is an activity for all!

What we will do

A guided olive oil tour through the olive orchards and the Estate.

A knowledge journey on the cultivation of the olive tree, the history of the Estate and the greek olive oil heritage and culture.

A visit to the family open museum where you will see old olive oil mill machinery. Description of the old process of extraction.

Video and photo presentation. Description of the harvest procedure together with the current process of extraction.

Olive oil sensory evaluation. Tasting of olive oils along with a brief olive oil workshop in recognizing their characteristics together with cooking tips. Food pairing of our olive oil with some simple Greek delicacies such as tomato, feta cheese etc., to test your pallet.

Participation in the harvest process (October-November).


What to bring

Comfortable shoes, hat and a good mood!

Reservation details

please send a message 

SMS/ Viber/WhatsApp +30 6977006600

or email

and we wil respond as soon as possible!

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