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The Family

The Kotsonis Family History
4 generations dedicated to the production of olive oil


In a landscape where rolling hills meet the horizon in a verdant land of olive trees, the Kotsonis family 100 years ago envisioned the future colored in… olive green.
In the area once ruled by ancient Mycenae and famous Argos, 4 generations of the Kotsonis Estate make their own history: a history inspired by their own land.
The Kotsonis Estate groves started their course in the beginning of 1900 and soon the taste of the Estate olive oil became famous among consumers.

20 years later, the Kotsonis family, following advances in technology, built the first water driven mechanical olive oil press in the area which was considered as the most advanced of its era. This decision, as a result of the family’s love for the quality of their products, gave a new boost in the production and a brand name to the Estate. The family’s devotion to tradition and quality and their persistence in following technological advances, was once again confirmed in 1930, when the Kotsonis family decided to upgrade the olive oil press into hydroelectric. In the following decades the Estate was dedicated to the production of qualitative olive oil, gaining more and more fans for its exquisite taste.

In 2007, the Kotsonis Estate advanced once more, granting part of the oil groves to the production of organic farming, predicting the consumer trend for healthier products. Today, the Kotsonis family uses the most advanced methods of extraction and standardization in new facilities, insisting for 4 generations on doing what they know best: offer the land the care it deserves and get the best out of it.


The Kotsonis Family



 At the Kotsonis Estate, for more than 100 years, we insist in creating qualitative oil products. With tradition as a rule and technology as an ally we guarantee that our production process, from cultivation to standardization, will give the most qualitative result.

Respect for the environment

Αn everyday task since the environment is not only a job for us, but our whole life.

Integrity and Trust

Τo the nature that feeds us, our partners who share our effort to produce qualitative products, to the consumers who demand a product that anticipate their needs.



Aiming for a better future for us and our partners, we work under the rule of sustainable development, exploiting nature and its fruit rationally!

olive oil tree art painting
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