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Treats of life – Organic Olive Oil
Natural, aromatic and fruity


“Philaema” means treat and offer. Should you imagine a better treat to those you share your life with than the natural, aromatic and fruity taste of an Organic Olive Oil? Treats of Life – Organic brings all the health benefits of olive oil at your family table together with the pledge of the most natural production of olives grown and matured in an absolutely protected environment! Treats of Life – Organic, not only a unique taste but also one of the best choices in healthy nutrition!


  • Environmentally friendly cultivation.

  • Certified Organic product – BIOHELLAS.

  • Monovarietal: Manaki variety.

  • Hand-picked.

  • Cold extraction.

  • Suitable for a healthy diet since it is rich in antioxidants as carotenoids, polyphenols, vitamin E and chlorophyll.

  • Tinted glass bottle for sun protection, sealed with a controlled flow cap.

  • Superior category οlive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Treats of Life – Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in glass bottles of 500ml and 750ml.

All trademarks are property of The Kotsonis Estate Co.

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